I help to implement the central idea: “What one cannot do alone, many can do” with many different types of help on corporate culture, business model and member recruitment.

Culture & Alignment

I am an enthusiastic implementation companion, especially when it comes to reconnecting with the cooperative idea and developing a real community culture. My many years of experience in the cooperative sector and my enthusiasm for this form of business contribute significantly to the sustainability of my impulses. Like no other form of business, the cooperative offers a wealth of opportunities for integrated cultural development with employees and members. When her values ​​are perceived in unison, both internally and externally, she can embody a very strong and coherent identity.

Innovations & business model

We are in a phase in which cooperative engagement is attracting more attention again and more people can be won over to become members of cooperatives. Many cooperatives are missing out on this opportunity because they have not integrated enough innovation and future orientation into their business processes. There are currently more possibilities and perspectives than ever before for such existing cooperatives and I am happy to point them out.

New Members & Contributors

Co-operatives made this country big, giving ordinary farmers and artisans access to markets and capital. Many cooperatives are currently oversleeping on this social legacy and are often groping in the dark in their search for the future and relevance. The work on the business model and the culture offers a variety of opportunities to inspire new players and members for the cooperative idea. Local added value and consumers returning to regional values ​​are an excellent basis for attracting and winning new members.

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