Crisis & Change

Crisis is a turning point – a “place” where it becomes painfully clear that things have to change. It is a bottom point which at the same time has the full potential of a new path and the associated anticipation. The energy in this moment can be very constructive or very destructive – in either case it is transformative.

Our society has not only been in a deep crisis since Corona, because the way we treat our planet mirrors in many ways the way we treat ourselves.

I am a nature-loving encourager who breaks up obstructive thought patterns with his visions by making anticipation of a future that is attractive.
Organizations become more intelligent and resilient when the networking density and the intensity of the exchange are increased. But the behavior that could (d) lead to this is often not part of everyday corporate life. Cooperation is often functional and established structures lead to silo thinking and power games.

Various studies show that the “soft factors” play a decisive role and that managers are particularly intensively pushed to their personal limits. For example, the CapGemini Change Management Study from 2015 shows a clear picture of which tasks “change leaders” have to perform and how much autonomy they need in the implementation and transfer of their findings. After all, they want to change and be the pacemaker for change – but they cannot do this on their own and need a protected space.

Such a protected space only emerges from a community that understands that one has to dissolve old behavior patterns in order to enable new behavior. This community is aware of the added value of each individual and its effectiveness is based on synchronized goals and perspectives. She acts extremely effectively because she is aware of her values, avoids hide and seek games and communicates on an authentic level without loss.

Social structures and personal ties are an adequate means of connecting people in a sustainable way. They combine flexibility, dynamism and technology with the support and security in a community. This creates security on the basis of mutual reliability and understanding and opens the space for the changes that everyone wants for one another. In this way, competencies can complement each other without fear of each other and open spaces for and real exchange between people.

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