Cooperative Economy & Regenerative Economy

In recent years I have been able to gain extensive experience in co-operated organizations and projects. My focus has always been to harmonize the connecting values ​​and the economic viability of such models.


What have I done in the past few years, after I started working at the age of 14, founded my first company at the age of 17 and ended up studying business administration at the age of 19 through various internships and community service?

Established companies: 8

Founded (and co-founded) projects: 25

Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board more than 15 years

Managing director and managing partner for more than 6 years

26 years in a relationship, 2 kids, 1 dog and 1 house

Marketing, communication, branding, corporate design / corporate communication, digitization, marketing of skilled workers, regional marketing, employer branding, product innovations, market and marketing innovations, social innovations, shareholder and stakeholder dialogue, innovation concepts, trade fairs and exhibition stands, POI, POS and other interaction spaces of brands, sales and service concepts of the future.

I have been working in the cooperative sector for almost 20 years and have gained my experience at various levels, from the smallest cooperatives to the Federal Association of Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken.

In which industries and sizes:

From the eco-village to the global pharmaceutical company. From the small craft business to the large energy supplier. From 1 to 100,000 employees. From the brand group to the technical market leader. I am particularly good in industries with meaning and future orientation (energy, mobility, technology). You can get an excerpt of my references on request.

Founding cooperatives:

the seed eG = network-based cooperative for the promotion of creative freelancers and designers from different countries and industries

Future cooperative SCE = European cooperative for the promotion and development of sustainable projects based in Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg.

EABH = energy in the hands of the citizens Hägelberg is a combined heat and power plant with local heat supply for an entire village in the Black Forest.

Hofgut LEO Coop eG = First regenerative cooperative with a focus on village development, regenerative healing offers and sustainable tourism development.

FachEnergie = cooperative for the promotion of the installation of photovoltaics by specialist tradesmen and the best possible use of space through roof lease. (paused)

Open School Stuttgart = school project based on a focus on a good life and socially integrated education and life-based learning.

Company formations:

Druckwerker GmbH


DachEnergie GmbH

Science and Research:

Worked for AGP (Institute for Age, Society and Participation) in the Five e.V. research association in Freiburg as a business model developer and implementation manager for the “citizen social project” SoNaTe eG www.sonate.jetzt

Worked for ZZE (Center for Civil Society Engagement) in the Five e.V. research association in Freiburg as a business model developer for the KoDa eG (Municipal Services of Interest Cooperative) project. www.koda-eg.de

Cooperative banks and banking environment:

ADG – Development Seminar “The Board as a thought leader and innovator of its cooperative”

Genovation – 2017 and 2018 participation in the cooperative think tank Genovation in Berlin and Montabaur – impetus for regional development and cooperative value creation, as well as education and the acquisition of skills.

Genopreneurship Summit – Impulse workshop – “humanity – social impact of cooperative behavior” – “Humanity – the social impact of cooperative behavior patterns”

Barcamps of the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken – Participation in 2 barcamps and lectures on cooperative values, changing values ​​and the future of the regional banks

Position paper Cooperatives 4.0 – Participation in the project group for submission

Written survey of 150 Geno-Bank employees nationwide to develop a mood for the basis of the “MorgenMacher Bank” format.

Success Days 2017 – Lecture and presentation on the topic “Co-Creation – how a new form of membership 2.0 is created on digitization and value orientation.

MorgenMacher Bank – cultural analysis and series of events to activate cooperative values ​​and greater commitment in the region.

The board of directors as an innovator and pioneer – lecture series for the Academy of German Cooperatives in Montabaur as an online format

EduAction education summit – Presentation of “sharing education”, a concept for the transformation of school development associations into school development cooperatives.

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